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Terms and conditions


These Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the website and the contracting of services that the company provides through the website.

Users of this website must be of legal age, have the ability to contract, and must read and understand the content of the General Conditions.

In the case of any doubts about this contract, you can contact the Company through via email:

Information about the company responsible for the processing of your personal data

Company’s name: GESNET TRAVEL, SL

Address: C/ Almirante Cadarso nº 26 (46005 Valencia).

VAT: B40578213



The Company is dedicated to tourism-related advice and to the management and processing of all types of permits before official bodies, as well as other related services. All these services are performed through the web and mobile application.

The Client understands that the Company is a private company and is responsible for facilitating the management of immigration documents. In no case is it affiliated with any public body or government. The Client understands that, if he so wishes, he can directly carry out the management with the corresponding public bodies, regardless of the application technology, the expert advice and supervision of the Company's personnel.

The company's services include, among others:

  • Provide a web and a mobile tool that simplifies the process of obtaining travel authorizations, translated in several languages, with a system of notices through mail and mobile push notification of the status of the order placed.

  • When the procedure so requires, the Company will send a courier to collect and / or deliver the documentation to the address provided by the Client.

  • An agent of the company will review in detail the provided information and documentation before processing it before the public body, including the format, texts, grammar and spelling, completing, if necessary, the information and missing documentation. In case of errors, inconsistencies or omissions detected, an agent of the company will contact the client to try to solve it.

  • Expert assistance regarding questions about the information and documentation required. This assistance is generic: the client understands that the Company does not provide legal advice services, so, if considered necessary by the Client, the company recommends contacting a specialized attorney.

  • When the Client provides all the requested information and makes the payment, the Company undertakes to carry out the procedure with the competent bodies within a reasonable period of time.

Obligations of the Customer

The processing of the order is made based on the information and documentation provided by the Client, for which the latter is obliged to provide accurate and truthful information.

The Client is also obliged to provide that information or documentation that the Company requests for the purpose of satisfactorily processing the order.

If the Client makes an order on behalf of a third party, the Client undertakes to do so with his express mandate.

Price and payment:

The fees for the services provided by the company will be priced between $ 30 and $ 79. To this price will be added the government fees, which will vary, depending on the case, depending on the type of travel authorization and nationality

Payment can be made by credit card VISA, Master Card, Amex and Paypal.

The Company is committed to ensuring that all digital transactions comply with security and encryption standards, all in accordance with current legislation.

Success guarantee and return policy

The User understands that, in order to give the best possible service for the Client, the Company tries to deliver as quickly as possible once the order is placed. Once the payment is made, a travel agent will be assigned immediately and, generally, the service of assessment and processing of the documents will start right away. For this reason, the Client understands that refunds are not accepted and any paid fees are not refundable.

As an exception, the Company guarantees the full refund of its fees (not government’s fees) if the travel authorization is not obtained, unless the cause of the denial is directly attributable to the Customer's guilt or negligent conduct. In this particular case, to request a refund, the Customer must communicate it to the email, incorporating the ID of the order. The request will be evaluated by our customer service department within two business days.

Limitation of liability and disclaimers

The Company guarantees the processing of the order within a reasonable time but in no case can guarantee or is responsible for the approval of the travel authorization which, in any case, is subject to the approval of the competent authority. In case of refusal, the client understands that neither the competent authority nor the Company is obliged to communicate the reason.

The Company is not responsible for errors or omissions in the information provided by the Client, so in no case will be responsible for the denial caused by such errors or omissions.

The Company shall in no case be liable for losses of the Client due to the delay or denial of the travel authorization.

The Company reserves the right at any time to cancel an order and delete the customer's data when it considers that the data provided does not meet the requirements to be able to manage the order or when the Customer provides incorrect information or fraudulent. If so, Company will communicate it to the Client.

Updates or amendments in Terms & Conditions

These conditions may be consulted at any time through the website. The Company reserves the right to change or update these terms at any time, and such changes will take effect immediately.

When an order is placed, the binding conditions will be those that were in force at the time of payment.


Should any of the clause of the Agreement be declared null and void, the remaining terms and conditions of the Agreement shall remain in force without being affected by the said declaration of nullity.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This contract is of a commercial nature and must be interpreted according to Spanish laws. In case of dispute, without prejudice to the rights that the laws attribute to consumers, the Parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia.

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