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eVisa information

It is recommended to read the following information before starting the application

About eVISA for Saudi Arabia

The Electronic Visa (eVisa) for Saudi Arabia is an official document granted by the Government of Saudi Arabia permitting entry into and traveling to Saudi Arabia (for tourism or Umrah) . All eligible applicants can obtain the required eVisa by filling a simple form online.

Length and validity

The eVisa is a multiple entry visa, valid for one year, which allows travellers to enter and travel to Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days each time.

About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is opening itself to tourism. Until this year Saudi Arabia was not issuing tourist visa. Starting in September 2019, Saudi Arabia will being offering Electronic Visas for tourism and/or Umrah for citizens of 52 countries.

Medical Insurance

All aplicants must obtain an insurance coverage in order to obtain an eVisa. The insurance is 140.00 SAR (aprox. 37 $ ) and it's included in our eVisa, together with the eVisa processing fees.

The below are the approved and certified medical insurances which provides our service.

Medical Insurance Companies:

  • Arabian Shield cooperative Insurance Company:

  • Saudi United Cooperative Insurance (WALAA):

  • Tawuniya cooperative Insurance Company:

  • BUPA Arabia for Cooperative Insurance:

  • MedGulf Company:

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